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Strain Name : Jack Herer Strain
THC Content : 22-28%
CBD Content :0.05-0.2%
Origin / Lineage: Shiva Skunk Haze ,Northern Lights
Aromas / Flavors : Earthy, Pine, Lemon, Sweet, Fruity, Orange, Herbal
Money Back Guarantee : 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Jack Herer Cannabis for Sale:

Jack Herer Cannabis for Sale

Here comes the top quality Jack Herer Cannabis for Sale . It name comes after the late, unbelievable cannabis lobbyist and writer of the 1985 book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” . Jack Herer is a grand, intensely multiplied status among current cannabis strains. This creation from Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds won 9 in front of the pack High Times Cannabis Cup grants. It is a much of the time use parent strain for new half breeds. The ancestry remains unconfirm, however it’s by and large idea to be an unpredictable cross breed of Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk and Haze.

Buy Jack Herer Cannabis Online:

Buy Jack Herer Cannabis Online

Its rich hereditary foundation offers ascend to a few distinct varieties of Jack Herer . Every phenotype bearing its very own interesting highlights and impacts. In any case, purchasers normally portray this 55% sativa half breed as merry, perceptive, and creative. Since at that point, this hot, pine-strain is brought home various honors for its quality and strength. Numerous raisers have endeavor to develop this staple strain themselves in bright or Mediterranean atmospheres, and indoor producers should hang tight 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to bloom.

Marijuana for sale :

Marijuana for sale

Jack Herer will give you a prompt cerebral high with a solid body buzz that keeps going quite a while. Some will encounter a breezy tipsy high and visual upgrade or senseless impacts. This group of top notch Jack by Pacific Frost Farms is trying in at 33.7% dynamic THC. When smoking Jack Herer, clients can expect a natural, piney season that displays elevating and euphoric impacts. This strain has brought home various honors for its strength and quality since the mid 1990s.

Jack Herer Cannabis:

Jack Herer Cannabis

Jack Herer cannabis producers can hope to their seeds to develop into tall plants with exceptionally high THC levels up to 20%. These plants have high protection from infections, making them very simple to develop. They thrive similarly also inside as they do outside, as long as the atmosphere is Mediterranean and dry.

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28 grams= 1 Oz, 56 grams= 2 Oz, 4 Oz = 1/4 Pound (QP), 8 Oz = 1/2 Pound (HP), 16 Oz = 1 Pound (Ib), 32 Oz = 2 Pounds (2 Ib)

13 reviews for Buy Jack Herer Cannabis Online|Jack Herer Cannabis for Sale|Marijuana

  1. Gabriel Jose

    100% genuine
    Just received my order today, completely legit and a good price. They took 2 days to arrive but they are what they say they are, that is well known in Europe. . I’ve been on and off them for years

  2. Julian Chase

    Top Service
    Honesty I have never had any issues with this company. I’ve only ordered from them 3 or 4 times but each time I’ve received a prompt email confirmation of my order followed by shipping confirmation within a day or two and have always received the package within a week from ordering more or less.

  3. Eduardo Paul

    Excellent customer service
    I am a regular customer, and always pay by bank transfer. I have not had a problem with payment or supply. The stuffs are as advertised and work well.

    My latest order arrived within 7 days of payment. Excellent service.

  4. Braden Jonah

    Having Dealt with these people on a…
    Having Dealt with these people on a number of occasions I can vouch for the Quality of product, delivery normally 3 Days , and readiness to communicate with you to assure you of product.- which is Very good
    Happy customer

  5. Wyatt Jayden

    The best service ever
    i ‘m not sure if i used them before, anyway the payment method has changed,which became a bit off putting, but it was quite easy and they got back to me regularly, which really helped me. The order came v quickly indeed

  6. Sophia William

    Always a great service and fast…
    Always a great service and fast delivery.

    Highly recommended

  7. Olivia

    I will continue to use this company as they are brilliant!!

  8. Carter Gabriel

    I have purchased from them 4 times
    I have purchased from them 4 times. All came through perfect

  9. Gabriel Beth

    I will definitely used again and recommend to others

  10. Mohammed Ayesha

    Good value and great customer service
    I have used this company three times now. The service has always been great.

  11. Bella Skylar

    215881 Excellent
    215881 Excellent, branded products and quick delivery. Recommended.

  12. Samuel Matthew

    Order 216925
    I’ve used this company several times now and in my opinion, the best around. Easy to order, spot on product and the tracked delivery excellent. Delivery times in Uk for me have always been 1-2 days. Will be using again soon.

  13. Greyson Maverick

    Order 217983 Fast
    Order 217983 Fast, reliable service with excellent customer services that listen and respond. Products are genuine. I will not use any other company now I have found them. I have placed several orders and have been very happy with the service.

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